Friday, April 11, 2008

Swimming Suits

So its the dreaded time to get a new suit for the summer. Having been through swimsuit shopping myself I know how hard it is to find a suit that is... 1. MODEST 2. FITS 3. LOOKS GOOD 4. IS AFFORDABLE.

I am so grateful that I have the skills to make my own. (If I can find fabric!) but I realize that not many people are so fortunate. I wish I had the time and energy to make all of my wonderful friends their own custom suit but unfortunately that is impossible. (My only sister is lucky if she gets one) So in an attempt to help all of you out, I'm listing sites that I have found helpful.

I wish all of you luck in your swim suit search and I would love to hear any experiences you have had (Good and Bad). I'd also love to hear any styles or colors you love and hate.

In a perfect world I would have my own line that solves all of our problems. Maybe someday when my husband is a millionaire (yeah right!) I'll give it a go. But until then these will have to do...

1. BillieJo Clothing:
I worked for this company last spring/summer as a seamstress and had a really good experience. They are right here in Provo and will CUSTOM MAKE you a suit for I think around $75-80. You pick your style, and fabric, and they will fit it to you. They are a great company and have a pretty good variety of fabrics. (However their website isn't great!, its Terrible actually) I recommend going into the store and actually trying samples on. Their address is on the website. Because they do everything in house it takes a while (3-4weeks if they aren't booked) to get your suit made. So go now and get on the waiting list so you have your suit in time for summer.
2. Modbe Clothing:
I have to be honest I have never boughten anything from Modbe but I have only heard good things. And this season I was so impressed with their line! Wow! They are really really cute! And they have a really good selection in fun prints! Go to their website and click on CLOTHING not "Go Shop" to see their new swim line.
3. My Baby Jo:
If you are brave enough to go "Retro" this site has some really cute suits. They have awesome one-pieces. They may rather expensive, but the designs are great!4. Shade Clothing:
I actually worked on Shades 1st swim line when it debued last year. I own some of last seasons styles and the fit is good. The hidden pockets in the bust allow you to add extra padding, which is nice, and The high waisted bottoms hide tummy rolls well. Overall I think you would be happy with a suit from Shade, they are very stylish and very modest which Shade is good at.

A few more.... (they claim to have modest suits but I wonder about a few, their quality isn't great but take it for what it is worth.)

Hope this info is helpful. And if you have any feedback I'd love to hear

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